Meet German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk, the co-founders of TOPSTRETCHING ME, the first stretching fitness app and largest chain of stretching studios in the region and the world

As staying fit became more critical and difficult to accomplish during the COVID-19 pandemic, TOPSTRETCHING ME came to the rescue.

TOPSTRETCHING ME is a fast-growing chain of stretching and functional fitness studios, specifically catered for women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with a team of professional Russian gymnasts and training instructors. The brand also offers an online experience through its iOS and Android applications, which includes similar stretching and practical fitness training programs. German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk, co-founders of TOPSTRETCHING ME, started this fantastic concept of changing peoples’ lifestyles and improving their fitness,health and well-being. Gussakovskiy is a prolific entrepreneur with 9 years of practical experience in the Middle East, combined with 4 years of technical and business experience in multimedia, fitness and technology. Meanwhile, Kanyuk has 9 years of practical experience in fitness and streaming in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region and is also the co-founder of SWANNA online school and FALCON FILM, a premier media production company.

TOPSTRETCHING ME has succeeded in raising its online profile backed by its solid offline presence in Dubai and by its ability to remain trendy with the evolving dynamics of the fitness industry. Gussakovskiy states, “Given that we have more than 90% customer retention in our offline training programs, we believe that the online business we launched will have stronger growth.” Indeed the TOPSTRETCHING ME app has flourished at a very rapid rate, as marked by thousands of downloads. The app was designed with scalability in mind so as to seamlessly and effecitvely accommodate the increase in number of users and load. In fact, the founders aim to capture a healthy share of the sizeable female population of 150 million aged 20-55 in the MENA region.

In response to increasing demand, the company is currently in negotiations with local venture funds to raise Stage A capital from targeted investors in order to scale up its operations in both its online and offline businesses and ultimately boost growth. Kanyuk mentions, “We cannot keep up with the demand and surge in requests from people who wish to open in other parts of the UAE and GCC. We are currently growing both our offline and online businesses in parallel, as they both serve as positive influences for each other.” Through successful venture funding over the next three years, TOPSTRETCHING ME has the potential to reach a turnover of US$ 100 million per year based on the sales track record of SWEAT, a similar fitness app.

It is worth noting that despite the challenges of COVID-19, Gussakovskiy and Kanyuk are gearing up the company to grow even more extensively. They are certainly on track to meet their vision of TOPSTRETCHING ME – that is, to set a trend for new alternative fitness techniques, such as stretching, and become the largest chain of functional training providers and online fitness training applications in the Middle East.

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