Forbes INDIA: TOPSTRETCHING Me by V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk is changing the world of modern fitness

Their functional fitness and stretching training app has been generating a lot of buzz in the MENA region and across social media

Over the last few months, the global health pandemic has spurred on the growth of the fitness industry, making people realize how essential it is to focus on our health and fitness well-being. Capitalizing on this need and peoples’ demands for fitness, two talented and astute entrepreneurs named German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk have come forth with their company TOPSTRETCHING ME. Tapping into the fitness world, the two visionaries partnered with TOPSTRETCHING to bring the unique and first-ever stretching app and chain of stretching and functional training studios to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA).

To make things easier for women in the MENA region, TOPSTRETCHING ME made their debut online after recognizing women’s needs to work out from the confines of their homes and help them achieve their goals and visions in fitness. Originating in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region, TOPSTRETCHING is a highly popular fitness brand that is rapidly expanding and growing. Today, there are over 20 studios spread across six cities in the CIS, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

At the onset of the coronavirus, the founders opted to go virtual and introduce an application that is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS. The app caters to beginners and pros, and it features unique fitness training programs, such as stretching, Aerostretching® (aerial stretching), functional training, splits school, total resistance suspension training (TRX) and so much more. The global health crisis has also compelled people to take on fitness and health more seriously and make necessary efforts towards a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, the pandemic has acted as a boon for the fitness industry, allowing fitness firms like TOPSTRETCHING ME to grow at a faster rate through their online training and applications.

TOPSTRETCHING ME has been exponentially rising, especially the online side of the business. Currently, it is in talks with local venture funds in MENA to raise Stage A capital and pave the way for regional expansion. TOPSTRETCHING ME, a one-of-a-kind stretching fitness studio, has made headlines with both its offline and online training, offering functional and flexibility training to women.

To get your hands on the TOPSTRETCHING ME app, follow this link or visit

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