TOPSTRETCHING: Online Fitess - The colossal revolutionary stretching app for women developed by German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk which is taking the industry by storm

Bringing in a surge change and turning the existing dynamics, TOPSTRETCHING: Online Fitess is a robust fitness application which caters to providing effectual and professional workouts, healthy diets and an encouraging nudge motivating you in the right direction. It is one of the leading, first and largest online stretching/ functional training applications which is available on the digital platforms Google Store and AppStore.

TOPSTRETCHING ME was founded by two eminent entrepreneurs German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk. Having a burning passion for fitness and an adept knowledge in the business sector, they opened their first operation specializing in offering workout modules and training to women in Dubai Marina in 2019. This staggering venture was just a start in their superfluous business career. Since then, their enterprise has flourished immensely and recently has launched their very own tremendous digitized application which too has been a success. Their unique and remarkable approach has defied the traditional norms and made the competition irrelevant in the prime regions of the Middle East especially Dubai.

The vigorous module provides a tailor made personalized fitness regime which includes training, workouts, professional consultancy and dietary plans. All this is done under the mentorship of the bewildering team of rhythmic gymnast's champions, ex. Russian ballet dancers and experienced fitness experts and coaches. TOPSTRETCHING ME even has an exclusive team of doctors offering astounding advice. Apart from the on ground team, TOPSTRETCHING ME also has a full multimedia infrastructure. This management team comprises 16 key experts that have redefined the game and improvised the whole venture with their brilliant strategies and sagacity. The glowing venture also caters to the growing need of exercise and workout regimes in the MENA region. It provides both offline and online flexibility and aero stretching training programs for women. Due to the first market entrant advantage and elite modules, Topstretching Me has the most influential and largest digital presence all over in the MENA region.

The company's online business has grown exponentially, and to further fuel their expansion plans, they are in discussion with various venture capitalists and institutional investors to raise Stage A funding to spread their wings across continents in the form of their online and offline business models.

Still grabbing opportunities and expanding their global venture, TOPSTRETCHING: Online Fitness is marking its presence in the world and immensely impacting the fitness industry.

Assessing the current pandemic and the situation, introduction of the automated application would surely prosper and capture the whole market in a big way.