Revolutionizing the online fitness scene are German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk, founders of TOPSTRETCHING ME

The founders of TOPSTRETCHING ME crafted a groundbreaking fitness module, aiming to break the monotony of regular exercises and increase their online reach exponentially.

In the growing world of e-commerce, there have been many players providing fitness training programs online. Offering fitness tips online helps give the trainer a medium to broadcast his/her expertise and knowledge to a larger consumer base. Exploring the potential of the booming online fitness world were two founders who revolutionized the fitness training scene with their unwavering vision, unique ideas and exemplary marketing techniques; they are Dmitriy Kanyuk and German V Gussakovskiy.

Hailing from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Gussakovskiy and Kanyuk recognized the growing demand for fitness alternatives offered by TOPSTRETCHING ME in the region. Today, there are over 20 studios spread across six cities in the CIS, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Tapping into the fitness world, the two visionaries partnered with TOPSTRETCHING ME to bring the unique stretching and functional fitness training studio to the Middle East. Gussakovskiy was no stranger to being an entrepreneur, having also co-founded Digital Falcon, a multimedia marketing agency in the Middle East. His experience and work ethic helped in bringing innovative ideas to their fitness brand.

Established in September 2019, TOPSTRETCHING ME provides both online and offline stretching and functional training programs, becoming the first of its kind to launch iOS and Android applications in stretching fitness. The Dubai-based firm has amassed over 55,000 followers on its Instagram account, with more than 52 million organic impressions. TOPSTRETCHING ME employs proficiently skilled professionals as trainers, like former Russian ballet dancers, rhythmic gymnastics champions and doctors, to offer holistic training programs in three main directions – split school, aerostretching® (aerial stretching) and TRX. Its routines are designed to break the monotony of workouts, providing creative and innovative techniques to help users enjoy the training even more.

Along with his robust work ethic, co-founder Kanyuk has focused on brand development, coming up with outstanding marketing techniques that boosted the firm’s online reach and customer engagement. One such effective marketing strategy was to cater the training programs to women exclusively. The firm’s success has further led them to garner Series A funding from targeted investors to expand their horizon. Through successful venture funding, TOPSTRETCHING ME has the potential to reach a turnover of US$ 100 million per year based on the sales track record of a similar fitness app.

Even the COVID pandemic did not adversely affect the progress of TOPSTRETCHING ME. The co-founders quickly acted in response to the global health crisis and rallied their staff to enhance and boost the company’s online visibility. They have also received requests for franchises from various parts of the world, which the founders are currently working on. Moreover, with a female a population of 150 million who are aged between 20 and 55 in the Middle East, there lies a significant market opportunity for the stretching studio to capture. To conclude, Kanyuk and Gussakovskiy have effectively transformed the digital fitness industry after taking TOPSTRETCHING ME to glorious heights.

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