Dmitriy Kanyuk and German V Gussakovskiy optimized the given crucial times caused by a pandemic and created a unique online fitness app named TOPSTRETCHING: Online Fitness

TOPSTRETCHING ME has been growing strength to strength and transforming the lives of many women with its stretching and functional fitness training app._*

Looking closely around us will let us know about the many changes that happened in the past few months because of the upheaval caused by a global health pandemic. If this pandemic resulted in the shutting down of many businesses; on the other hand, it also propelled many businesses and gave a second chance to people and entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the given situation and create something out of the same. Similar is the story of two entrepreneurs named Dmitriy Kanyuk and German V Gussakovskiy, the founders of “TOPSTRETCHING ME,” which has emerged as the first-ever and the fast- growing chain of stretching and functional fitness training in the region of MENA and as an online app exclusively for women out there looking to achieve the body of their dreams. It offers programs from beginner’s right up to the PRO levels.

Many fitness companies have emerged over the past few years, but TOPSTRETCHING ME stands apart from the rest, thanks to the adaptability and resilience of its founders and team which believed in their core value in offering the best of health and fitness to women either through personal training through their studios or through their online fitness app. The brand had first originated in the CIS region and gradually after gaining much recognition and popularity; to further expand its offline and online presence across the region, it is also raising Series A funding by talking to various MENA institutional investors and individual venture capitalists.

Optimizing the trying times caused by a pandemic, TOPSTRETCHING ME which is a Dubai- based fitness company not only grew through its offline training methods and studios, but paid much more focus on growing online as well with launching their most promising fitness app available on both iOS and Android applications, teaching some of the best functional training and stretching fitness programs under the guidance and mentorship of the astute and passionate trainers including professional Russian gymnasts, and certified expert trainers.

The company that is dedicated to serving women and catering to their fitness goals provides the best training in stretching, aero stretching and functional training, which has helped them gain even more momentum in the online world, increasing their social media presence each passing day. They started their operations in September 2019, with the large ladies-only studio in Dubai Marina and in 2020 opened its second mixed branch in Palm Jumeirah spread across 25,000 sq. ft.

With their strong offline presence in Dubai, TOPSTRETCHING ME has further levelled up their markets in the online world as well and has remained in trend with the changing dynamics of the fitness industry each passing day. They thrived on their ideas and concepts for their specialized stretching & flexibility training online fitness app after realizing the absence of the same globally.

Co-founder, German V Gussakovskiy says that with TOPSTRETCHING app they offer women innovative, productive and aesthetically beautiful fitness experiences and helps them get nearer their fitness visions, which makes them even more unique in the industry. They also have a full multimedia infrastructure for visualizing, building, launching and growing their online business. The proof of their success is evident through their growing numbers of followers on Instagram, which currently breathes more than 67K followers with a verified account and even has over 52,000,000 organic impressions.

German V Gussakovskiy, speaking about the growth of TOPSTRETCHING as an online fitness app and phenomenon says that since the time they began developing the idea to go online, they only wanted to grow their fitness community online with including more and more women fitness warriors for bringing about a better change in their bodies and figures with innovative stretching & functional training programs, which serves as a one of a kind application for women across MENA.

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